How Our Program Works

Cover Your Bum is a program created to distribute cloth diapers to families in need of a little extra support. The program came to be from the desire of Kelly Evans and Lisa Schlientz to help other moms in need cloth diaper their babies. Kelly and Lisa have chosen to cloth diaper their little ones and  have discovered that there is a need and want of many families to cloth diaper their babies. Both have worked at a local WIC agency as IBCLCs. Many new moms are interested in starting the option of cloth, but are not able to front the start up costs that is needed. Kelly and Lisa offer prefolds and covers as well as pocket diaper packages to low income families. They have also added a newborn packet to families interested in borrowing the smaller sizes, while building their one size stash.


The requirements for the Cover Your Bum program are as follows:

– Desire to cloth diaper

– Accessibility to a personal washer and dryer, not in a commercial laundromat.

– Must attend Diaper University on the care of cloth diapers prior to receiving loaned diapers.

– Meet income requirements for WIC, Food Stamps or Crosslines Food Pantry. (185% of poverty level)

– Complete an application for the program


Tier 1 – Get Covered, One Month Loan

– Families in need of emergency diaper help

– Not fully decided to full time cloth diaper, but willing to give it a try.

– Attend Diaper University or arrange a one on one cloth diaper training.

– 12-24 prefolds and 3-6 water proof covers, 2 wet bag.


Tier 2 – Get Started, Three Month Loan

– Families interested in cloth diapering,

– Have a desire to try for 3 months

– Attend Diaper University training

– 12-24 prefolds and 3-6 water proof covers, 6-12 pocket or AIO diapers, 2 wet bags.


Tier 3 – Get Involved, Invested in Cloth

– Families committed to cloth diapering

– Want to cloth diaper, but unable to have the funds to start a cloth diaper stock pile

– Families will sign up for 2 hours of volunteer to a service industry of their choice.

o Families will notify Cover Your Bum where they will volunteer

o Provide a signed release from the organization they volunteer

– Attend Diaper University  training

– 12-24 prefolds, 3-6 water proof covers, 6-12 pocket or AIO diapers, 2 wet bags.